DGR Membership Page

Would you like to become a member or renew your membership? Great!

Four types of membership:

    1. Regular Voting Member: $25.00
    2. Spouse/Partner of a Regular Voting Member: $15.00
    3. Student or Fixed Income Voting Member: $10.00
    4. Associate Non-voting Member: $10.00

To become a member or to renew your membership, please do the following:

    1. Complete the membership application provided below.
    2. Make sure to pay your dues based on the membership type described above.

To make your payment online via ActBlue, click here. Alternatively, you can send a check to:

  Democrats of Greater Riverside
  P.O. Box 213
  Riverside, CA 92502


PLEASE NOTE: You/your spouse/your partner must be a United States citizen, a registered Democrat
in Riverside County, at least 18 years of age, and NOT a federal contractor to apply for

By selecting one of the above membership options, you are agree that you meet all of these
I affirm that I am paying these dues with my own personal funds and I am not using funding provided by another person or from any corporation, labor union, or national bank to make this contribution.

By completing this membership form to join DGR, I confirm that I understand and am giving consent
to DGR for the following:

1. I will receive all communications from DGR via email at the email address provided on this form. It
is my responsibility to notify DGR by email if my email address changes.

2. I understand that notifications from DGR will be sent to the email address provided on this form,
and if I don't open those emails, it is not the responsibility of DGR that I am not aware of DGR

3. I understand that my email address will be made public to RCDP [Riverside County Democratic
Party] and CADEM [California Democratic Party] unless I request otherwise by sending an email
to DGR.

4. My written or electronic signature and date below signifies that I have read and agree with the
statements above, and that I am applying to become a member of the Democrats of
Greater Riverside.

5. Membership dues must be paid on ActBlue or by check at the time this form is submitted for my membership to be valid.

a. For ActBlue payment, go to DemocratsofGreaterRiverside.com, click on Membership, scroll
down and click on the second 'here' link that mentions ActBlue.

b. Checks are payable to:
Democrats of Greater Riverside
P.O Box 213
Riverside, CA 92502

6. Processing of your DGR Membership begins when the form is completed and dues are paid.
These two steps must be completed at a minimum of 20 days prior to the next DGR Membership
meeting in order to be eligible to be considered a Voting Member.

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