The Democrats of Greater Riverside supports the values and principles of the State, County, and National Democratic Parties, including access to opportunity through full, respectful, and equal treatment regardless of race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, age, disability, economic status, or national origin.

We work to advance these principles in all parts of Riverside through the election of Democrats to public office, appointment to Boards and Commissions, and inclusion in the electoral process. Our programs include education about the political community, public policy discussions, and aggressive advocacy for our candidates. We believe in an accountable government that supports the American worker; promotes business; provides high quality education; facilitates the provision of healthcare to all; protects the environment; designs, implements, and enforces a progressive tax structure; advances the causes of peace, prosperity, and democracy at home and throughout the world; and continues the traditions of freedom and equality as stipulated in the United States Constitution.

We invite all interested citizens of Riverside who support these principles to join our efforts. We believe that the following list of positions translates our Democratic ideals into actions that our club can achieve locally:


Arts and Culture

- Support Riverside becoming a multi-cultural environment by welcoming and funding a diversity of cultural institutions and events.

Children and Families

- Encourage the expansion of afterschool and summer programs for youth.

Civil Justice

- Support ACLU SoCal and work to educate the public about their rights.

Criminal Reform

- Demand an end to the criminalization of homelessness over treatment.
- Support the "housing first" approach to homelessness in Riverside with complete wraparound services.

Economic Justice

- Demand the Budget Engagement Commission direct a portion of "Measure Z" sales tax to alleviate homelessness and for underfunded social welfare programs.
- Oppose Federal anti-union laws.
- Support a $15.00 minimum wage indexed to inflation.
- Support expansion of "Ban the Box" legislature to local businesses to ensure hiring decisions are made on individual qualifications and merits instead of former incarceration or conviction.
- Promote affordable and fair housing in Riverside, especially the developments of vacant lots into medium-density infill development with affordable units.


- Promote and support School Board members that believe in secular, free, and fairly funded high quality public education for all.

Energy and Environment

- Ensure Riverside Public Utilities is pursuing its Green Action Plan and work to expand those efforts where possible.
- Demand the City pursue long-term commercial-industrial development, rather than warehouses that clog streets, pollute the air, and provide low-wage jobs.
- Demand the City respect the environment and green belts by ending development variances and unsustainable low-density housing developments.
- Ensure the City continues to pursue alternative transportation strategies, including developing new bike lanes and express buses.
- Work to improve -- and oppose any attempt to weaken -- the federal Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, and the California Environmental Quality Act.


- Ensure Riverside residents have healthcare by expanding access and defending the Affordable Care Act.
- Demand the California Legislature acts to protect healthcare in case of federal funding cuts.
- Support Riverside Planned Parenthood and access to affordable family planning.


- Ensure that Riverside protects immigrants' rights by becoming a sanctuary city.

Political Reform

- Ensure all residents have access to government by increasing voter registration and engagement.
- Promote transparency and accountability in local government, especially land purchases and sales, and demand accountability for above-market purchases and below-market sales.


- Demand the City address the shortage of affordable senior housing.

Women and LGBTQIA+

- Support and promote women running for office.
- Support and protect the rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals.